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Why Phi

Phi is a Greek letter  “f” and is a symbol chosen for the Golden Ratio or the Divine Proportions. Practically everything in nature, or man-made that appears beautiful has these divine proportions into it. Inspired by the logic and mathematics behind all that appears pretty, whether natural or man-made we zeroed down to the name Phi Cosmetic Clinic. Find along some pretty occurrences in nature which appear beautiful as they have the “Phi” in it.

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With age, your facial muscles tend to lose their smoothness and charm, thereby creating fine lines & folds. An exposure to excessive sun, effects of gravity, constant use of cosmetic products and the daily stresses of life tend to take their toll on the natural glow of your face. A facial cosmetic surgery brings a youthful appearance by reducing the wrinkles, saggy skin whilst giving you a natural blushing look. These surgeries involve supreme level of expertise acquired by our Doctors.

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Beautiful hair isn’t something that you just can’t achieve. Hair loss is caused primarily by ageing, change in hormones or hereditary (genetic) reasons. Densify your scalp with your own natural hair by utilising our premium hair care solutions ranging from customised hair fall prevention protocols to hair transplants done by board certified cosmetic plastic surgeons.

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Not all organs we have are of appropriate size and shape in proportion to our body. A visibly good size and shape of individual part of the body can be achieved either by reducing or increasing it in proportions to what are ideal for the rest of your body. With our AmpliPhi range of services we will help you achieve increased sizes of various body parts as per ideal aesthetic standards. The enhancement can be achieved by autografts( tissues from your own body) or allografts ( implants).

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Like some body parts need amplification, certain others might need to be reduced in size. Our RectiPhiTM range of services is available to get you in perfect shape. We have a wide array of Nonsurgical as well as Surgical options to help you get in proportions. Our doctors are trained in aesthetics, are highly skilled and have abundant experience in cosmetic treatments and have unmatched passion for safety and excellence in procedures they perform.

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Release the beauty from within with ClariPhi range of cosmetic therapies at Phi Cosmetic Clinics. We designed this range for individuals who desire clear, flawless, glowing skin that they have had in their younger days or want to achieve the same as they have not been blessed with it.

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