Botox Treatment in Mumbai


botox treatment mumbai

botox treatment mumbai

Our highly effective wrinkle relaxing treatment is designed to reverse these effects, resulting in a more youthful appearance that will boost your self-confidence.

Everybody develops lines and wrinkles over time, and they can make you look older than you feel. We use botulinum toxin-A more commonly known as Botox – to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and boost your self-confidence. Botox works by preventing your muscle from contracting, which allows the skin to relax and become more supple.

Our most popular areas for treatment include crow’s feet, frown lines and laughter lines, but we’re also able to reduce the appearance of wrinkles anywhere on your face and neck.

The actual treatment is virtually painless and involves using microneedles to inject tiny quantities of Botox directly into the affected areas of your face. A fully qualified Plastic Surgeon will always perform the procedure and never performed by technicians or so called “botox nurses” at our clinic, because this is not just any other injection. You can resume your normal schedule immediately afterwards. It is a simple and virtually pain-free treatment that achieves the desired results within five to ten days.

The full results of your wrinkle relaxing treatment will be seen around two weeks after treatment, and they will last for between 6-8 months.

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