Breast Augmentation


The breast augmentation surgery helps you achieve fuller and firmer breasts by implants or by fat injection. By far the most commonly done breast augmentation procedure across the world is a silicone breast implant. Our plastic surgeons will assess your skin pinch and chest size and help you choose the appropriate size and type of implants as per your desire. We use only US FDA approved breast implants. The implants sit under the gland, muscle or both depending on the anatomy of your chest wall. Breast augmentation surgery is a day care procedure and is done under general anaesthesia. The implants are placed through scars which are concealed under the breast or axillary folds. The results are appreciable immediately after the surgery and stitches are removed by day 10. You will be advised to do some breast exercises after stitch removal and wear a sports brassiere.

Breast Augmentation surgery does not interfere with lactation and nipple sensation and is absolutely safe in unmarried females as well. However as with any surgical procedure it carries certain risks like infection, bleeding or anesthesia drug reactions which will be vigilantly monitored by your surgeons in the post operative phase. The long term complication is capsular contracture which in certain cases might need a secondary surgery and implant removal and or replacement. So if you feel the desire to have fuller, larger and firmer breasts, schedule a consultation today.



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