Breast Lift


Pregnancy, breast feeding and ageing collectively cause the breasts to deflate ( loose volume like a balloon let off its air ). This is a serious concern for many females and leads to loss of self confidence. This problem can be tackled by Breast Lift Surgery technically known as mastopexy. Apart from the sag, ageing is also accompanied by deflation of the breast and one may need a procedure to fill up the breast either with breast tissue or an implant. This procedure is technically known as augmentation mastopexy. Our expert surgeons at will evaluate you and recommend the best-suited procedure for you. This procedure is done under general anesthesia and is a day care procedure provided the client has no major medical comorbidities . It involves removal of excess skin and breast tissue and reshaping your breasts into a firmer skin brassiere. It elevates the sunken nipple areola complex and gives the breasts a more youthful look. It may be combined with areola reduction if a large areola is a problem. The results are immediate and improve over initial six months following surgery. You will be advised to wear a sports brassiere following  surgery to support the healing breasts. Complications apart from anesthesia complications may be infection, bleeding, stitch give way and unhealthy scarring. Your surgeon will keep an eagle’s eye and help you sail to youthful breasts.



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