Breast Reduction Surgery


This surgery as the name says involves reducing the bulk of your breasts. Too much of anything is a problem and breasts are no exception. Large breasts not only lead to physical and emotional concerns but also social taboo. This surgery is one of the most gratifying surgeries for a patient (imagine somebody taking off a kilo from each of your shoulders). There are various types of breast reduction surgeries and our plastic surgeons will guide you to the best technique suited. The reduction surgery is done under general anesthesia and may be carried out as a day care or a inpatient procedure depending on the amount of breast tissue removed. At the end of surgery there are tubes left in each breast to drain out the fluid, which are removed by your surgeon as the output decreases. The stitches are removed by day 10. You will be asked to wear a sports brassiere following the surgery to support the breasts and help them heal optimally.


The expected result is seen immediately which improves over initial six months as the scars mature. Some ladies may experience reduction in nipple sensation and problems in subsequent breast feeding. The complications may be listed as infection, bleeding, stitch line gaping, and nipple loss. Your Surgeon will keep a watch on the surgical site and help you through the recovery.

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