Buttock Augmentation


A flat bum is an unshapely preposition and not only results in sagging pants, but also a sagging confidence. Thanks to cutting edge surgical technology its now possible to achieve fullness in your bum with implants as well as Brazilian butt lift surgery. Our surgeons will evaluate you clinically and recommend which procedure will suit your requirement.


Gluteal Implants

Gluteal implants are more commonly needed in men as compared to women as they may not have the extra fat reserves for a fat transfers. After ruling out possibility of a fat transfer and assessing the volume requirement in consideration with your desire, our surgeons will recommend you implant surgery. Gluteal implants are safe and are made of soft yet nonleak silicon and are made to bear your weight. You will have certain position safeguards during first two weeks after surgery, but once the wounds heal, you will be allowed to assume all activities of daily living. We do this surgery under general anesthesia to minimise discomfort. As with all implant based surgeries this too carries risks of implant rejection, hematoma, infection and a need for revision surgery.

Brazilian Butt Lift

Increasing the size of a butt by means of fat transfer or a fat grafting is known as ‘brazilian butt lift. It’s  more commonly done in females wherein liposuction is done for body contouring and the suctioned fat is processed and transferred/ injected into the buttock area go make it appear more pronounced and shapely. After the surgery you will be prescribed special compression garment for giving a desired shape to and helping the transferred fat stabilize in a new position. You will feel sore at the operated site for a week, which will be minimized with the help of medications. However you should do the prescribed graded physiotherapy which will help increase the blood flow in the operated area to help nourish the newly transferred fat. The success of fat transfer surgery depends on take of transferred fat in the new location and varies from case to case basis. Though results are appreciable soon after surgery final appreciable result takes eight to twelve months to show off.



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