Chin Implants


Small or a recessed chin is a common problem which disturbs the facial harmony in quite a few people. A detailed evaluation of your facial features by a plastic surgeon will help you diagnose what’s the missing component. Chin plays an important part in the overall appearance of both male as well ad female face. It gives shape not only to a sexy jawline, but also adds to the height and or projection of face. Chin augmentation also known as augmentation genioplasty. It can be done with silicon or HDPE implants.


Our plastic surgeons will help you select the right kind and size of implant so that it will help you enhance the underlying structure of your face and provide it a better balance of features. The most important decision that you need to consider while opting for this surgery is who will do the procedure. Ensure that the procedure is done by a board certified plastic surgeon. Often this procedure may be combined with a nose job and/or a neck liposuction.  Usually this surgery is carried out from within your mouth and there will be no visible scar marks from outside.



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