Gynaecomastia Surgery


The problem of gynaecomastia or enlargement of male breasts is a common one and is the cause of embarrassment for many. Particularly in our culture where the male is required to bear his chest for religious rituals as well as social purposes. The causes of male breast enlargement are many and our board specialist surgeons after a thorough examination, history and appropriate investigations will ascertain whether you need surgical assistance to tackle the problem. Once it is ruled out that the cause is a nonmedical one, you will be advised surgery. The surgery for gynecomastia is a day care procedure and involves liposuction and gland excision procedure. The incisions are small and are usually well concealable. After the surgery you are required to wear a customized pressure garment which will help you get a good shape with adequate skin retraction. You will be advised to followup at the clinic for dressings and suture removal following which you can resume your activities within a week’s time.



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