Hair Loss Treatment


The presence of multiple products like hair iols, shampoos, sera, tablets, jellies, tinctures, sprays and what not has been in the market since hundreds of years for hair loss issues. The newer modalities include PRP sessions, derma rollers and light treatments and have off late widely become popular in increasingly accessible age of internet today. In the old days, you would trust the salesman and keep your fingers crossed, just hoping your hair would stop falling out.Fortunately, today we don’t have to blindly trust a salesman or a random blog or a webpage forward on a WhatsApp. There are now decades of data showing that certain types of remedies actually work, and that others do not. Our Plastic Surgeons, with their vast experience and constantly updated knowledge will guide you to have the best possible hairloss prevention strategy and arrest the problem in its early stages- “A stitch in time saves nine’.



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