Injection Lipolysis


Injection lipolysis is often confused with mesotherapy. However both the procedures are different and have got different indications. Injection Lipolysis involves injections of specially formulated drugs which are injected directly into the subcutaneous fat. These drugs cause local lysis of fat cells and the fat which is thus set free is metabolised in the body. Net effect is achieving a non surgical fat reduction. However the procedure is not a substitute for liposuction and helps only in cases where there is limited fat accumulation. Results vary from body part to body part and person to person. Best results have been documented for the submental( double chin) and bra roll area. The procedure can also be used as a touch up procedure after liposuction surgery. Consult our trained surgeons if you are interested in nonsurgical fat removal and you will be clinically evaluated to offer you the best possible cosmetic treatment. This is a day care procedure and has minimal downtime. Usually it is done under topical anesthesia for small areas and sedation if the areas are more to minimize discomfort. You may need 2-3 sittings to see appreciable results and the results are long lasting provided you take due care with diet and exercises as prescribed.



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