Liposuction Recovery

Confidence for many, irrespective of the gender springs up from a proper body shape. However the reasons for an unshapely body are many and only a selected few are proper indications for Liposuction. You must consult your plastic surgeon to get your body analysed for perfect shape.


Liposuction (Suction Lipectomy, Lipoplasty, Liposculpture) is the most commonly performed body contouring procedure across the world. What is more relevant is that it helps you get rid of excess fat cells and it can be targeted to selected areas which bother you the most. These troublesome areas , in particular the outer and inner thighs, hips, love handles, abdomen and chin are difficult to get in shape just by exercise, diet or pills.


Liposuction is NOT a weight reduction surgery. It just helps you get in shape. Fat as we all know is lighter than water ( Oil floats on water) and removal of fat alone will not help you loose weight. Weight loss is achieved by prescribed diet and exercise program. A liposuction in a proper indicated patient will yield excellent results and will result in adequate skin tightening as well.


There are various techniques of liposuction as discussed below each having specific indications which our plastic surgeons will help you through. By far the most commonly performed technique is Suction Assisted Liposuction in which the target area is tumesed with a custom made solution which eases the procedure for liposuction as well as minimizes blood loss and helps in post operative pain control. This technique is least damaging to the native tissues and yields excellent results with least complications. The another technique is Power assisted Liposuction in which the the suction cannula is attached to a power source which produces motorized movements thereby increasing the fat yield from tougher areas. Ultrasonic Liposuction involves use of ultrasonic waves to disrupt the fat cells and then these are removed by suction. Similarly,LASER assisted liposuction the LASER liquefies fat before suction.


Anaesthesia for this procedure may vary from local, regional or General Anaesthesia which will be individualized depending on your health parameters. Liposuction is usually a day care procedure unless it involves removal of large volumes of fat or the patient has medical fitness issues. Post procedure you will be given a pressure garment to wear which will minimize pain, bleeding and will also help in skin reconditioning. You will be given Oral medications on discharge for pain control and prevention of infection.


Any surgical procedure has a chance of complications which include infection, bleeding, seromas, allergy, skin damage, anaesthetic drug toxicity and thromboembolism. From time to time you will be given list of precautions to be taken at home to maximize the benefit from surgery during recovery.



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