Nasal Augmentation


A small or a depressed nose is a cause of worry for certain subsection. Many a times a normal shaped nose following an accident loses its shape and becomes smaller or crooked. These conditions can be managed with cosmetic reshaping of the nose. The volume deficit can be corrected by addition of implant or grafts.

Implants used are mostly silicon or high density polyethylene (HDPE) implants. We prefer silicon implants over HDPE as they are soft, supple and easy to manage. After detailed clinical evaluation and photographic assessment along with due considerations to your expectations about your “dream nose” our plastic surgeons will chart out a strategy for your surgery and discuss it in detail with you. Most commonly used silicon implants for nose are of two types. The Dorsal Nasal Implant – which is mostly used for increasing the height of the bridge of nose only. It is seldom necessary to achieve more lift at the tip of the nose where the another type of silicon implant “ L-Strut” is used. This implant apart from increasing the height of the nasal bridge also increases the height of the tip and thereby gives an appearance of a wel formed nose and attractive oval nares.

Certain class of patients are unsuitable for implant based augmentations where in we use grafts harvested from the patients own body. The sources of these grafts are nasal septum, conchal cartilage of the ear, costal cartilage from the ribs and rarely bone from the hip, arm or skull as the case may be. Grafts are natural tissues and have lesser chances of rejection, but necessitate additional surgical time, anesthesia time and of course an additional scar, which is usually well concealed in normal clothing.



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