Premium Medicated Facials


Though facials are commonly thought of as a form of pampering, the skin treatment is not simply a frivolous luxury. The many benefits that facials have on your skin make it a treatment worth investing in.

At Phi, our Doctors customize the facial treatments as per individual skin type and needs.

Brightening Facials

We at Phi believe in simple and effective things. So have we named our treatment regimens. As the name says this facial It helps remove tan and brightens the skin. Deep cleansing is done to refine the skin and is followed by a light facial massage with lightening cream and application of a brightening mask. It helps retain moisture and revitalizes the skin. This facial ensures natural lightening of the skin, giving radiant skin with an even color tone.

Toing Facials

This is an effective non-invasive and painless therapy for defying the ageing skin. Argan oil known for its youth renewing properties is used along with a low-level cold laser treatment allows for the specially developed hyaluronic acid serum to permeate the skin smoothly without the use of a needle and restores its natural tautness and youthful freshness. The skin looks and feels smoother, with visibly fewer wrinkles and an enhanced glow

Aqua Facials

lt is a complete deep skin treatment including cleansing, enzyme exfoliation, gentle steam, hydrating serum and a mask to relieve the dryness from your skin. Its powerful components work to penetrate deep into skin and moisturize on a more intense level. This Facial is customized on the basis of skin types to give you the best. This service should be repeated once every month, for a consistently radiant glow.

Anti-Acne Facials

This facial involves use of a cleanser containing such proven anti-acne ingredients as benzoyl peroxide (which helps kill acne bacteria) or salicylic acid (which helps exfoliate the clogged pores). It is followed by use of a clay mask and other oil-fighting products, as well as products with anti-inflammatory ingredients like chamomile and tea tree oil.

Rejuvenating or Detox Facials

A powerful detoxifying and purifying skincare treatment that eliminates the harmful toxins of every day life by cleansing pores, combating the harmful effect of free radicals and helps smoothening the skin. It involves use of sea weed extract followed by activated charcoal pack. Lastly the application of Vitamin C serum leaves the skin glowing with purity

Collagen Facials

This is a special facial package which helps the skin rejuvenate with the help of underlying collagen remodeling. It is a more invasive facial than our rejuvenating facial and is recommended for a more severely damaged skin.

Phi Express Facial

AKA the party facial is a premium medicated facial which can be followed up with any of the above facials. It shows best results in people who actively care for their skin. The USP of this facial is its fast action thereby making you party ready with the blink of an eye. Specially formulated for social events and family ceremonies you can book an appointment for your gang so as to have a glowing party-pic and memories to cherish.



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