Rhinoplasty or a Nose job is as the name suggests surgery to improve upon the nasal features. Functional problems associated with a problem nose are also addressed in the same sitting. Many genres of surgeons do the rhinoplasty surgery. However, Plastic Surgeons by their comprehensive surgical training and their ability to see the aesthetics of you body as a whole are more appropriate choice for the job (You don’t want a European nose on an Asian face right !!!)


Consult our Plastic Surgeons with a list of expectations that you have about your nose. Yes, making a list ensures that you don’t miss a point. Sometimes patients consult after a post trauma deformity, in which case it will be desirable for you to get a pre injury photograph along. You will be examined in detail, you will be photographed in standard angles and a tentative surgical plan (open/closed rhinoplasty, use of grafts/implants, osteotomies needed, reduction/augmentation, tip reshaping strategies) will be discussed with you along with expected outcomes. Once the plan is finalized you will be booked for surgery. The surgery is done under general anesthesia most of the times. You will be in hospital for either one to two days depending on the magnitude of procedure. Your nostrils will be having a pack inside for 48 hours and an acrylic or gypsum splint would be placed over your nose if a bony work has been done. The splint stays for a week’s time.


There will be some swelling over your nose which will take some time to resolve, usually about 6 weeks.  Indian skin is thicker and takes about 6-8 months to see final results.



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