Six Pack Abs ( Body Etching )


Etching is a form of ultra high definition (UHD) liposuction wherein a plastic surgeon creates an illusion of a muscular build. It is most commonly done for creation of six pack abs. It is important to understand it is essentially the fat which is made to look like a muscle (an illusion). Not everybody is able to develop a chiseled body, in spite of pumping iron and following a rigid diet plan. The reasons for inability to do so are hidden in the genetic makeup of an individual and cannot be altered. However, with cutting edge surgical technology and application of sound aesthetic principles we shall help you give that illusionary push to look great, feel great and thereby boost the morale for keeping up with a fitness regimen and help you flaunt your chiseled body. Consult our board certified plastic surgeons to get to know your eligibility for UHD liposuction.



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